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Today I just got an offer to go on a trip to the St. Lawrence River with a sea captain named Francois Pont Grave.   Francois's trip was funded by Aymar de Chaste.   I got this offer because of my skills of mapmaking.    When we arrive at St. Lawrence River our mission is to catch fish so we could trade it with one and other. 

May 27, 1602

Yesterday we arrived at the St. Lawrence River.  The people here are really nice and greeted us by trading different things with us.  I look forward to being great friends with them.                                                           


Today I got another offer to go on an expedition, but it will be held by Sieur de Monts since De Chaste had died.   We will be heading south to a place called Acadia.  I will be going with a group of 120 men.  I am so excited.  


I just arrived at Acadia.  We all look forward to staying in this settlement for a very long time. Well I better go.


I wish I were back home.  It is so cold here.   35 people have already died and 20 are sick with the flu.  De Monts says that we will go back to France as soon as possible.  I wonder when soon is.  


             Today I went to go see King Henry the Fourth.   He was impressed of my Book of Travels and wanted to learn more, so he is going to send me to go find out more about the New Land.  I just can’t wait till I go!

March 15, 1603

Today is the day I set sail to the New Land.  I am going with 63 men and 28 small boats.  The governor of France is paying for our trip.  I hope that we find new land for the King so people can settle there. Well off we go.

June 5, 1603

I found land!   Lots and lots of unexplored land!   I found places like Port Royal, Cape Cod, and Canada.  Frist we stopped at Port Royal.  Then we went to Cape Cod.  Finally we stooped at Canada. Canada is really beautiful and we hope we find new things there.


Today I found a gorgeous lake!  It was amazingly beautiful.  The site was astonishing.  The fish in the water could easily be seen.  We claimed it, but we had to find a name for it.  Guess what?  We all decided to name it after me, Lake Champlain.


Two years ago I found Lake Champlain.  Since I found one beautiful site why not make a city with many more wondering sites.  In other words why not make a city named Quebec City. I could have a church, school, and lots of cabins there.  People could get their food by going to Lake Champlain and catching fish.  Well I hope to find out soon.


Horary! I am the founder of Quebec City, but everyone calls me The Father of France.  I am so excited to start a new city.  I hope many people come to live here.


I am returning to France to tell the king our good news.  I am sure that Quebec City will be a big success and one I will be honored.  I am sad but happy to leave Quebec City.


When I returned to France there was a war, although I had no clue that there was a war in France.  It wasn’t the kind that was little, it was huge.  When we stepped out of our boats arrows flew through the air. That is when I notice there was a war.  We all ran back to the boats.  At first I thought I was safe, but all of a sudden an arrow flew towards us and cut my ear. It also pierced my neck. I am so glad it didn’t hit my heart.


Finally, I returned to the King safely because a Peace Treaty was signed.  The King was very happy.  I am so happy to live this wonderful life and lucky to go and find a lot of places.  I am so glad that I accomplished all of my goals.


        Samuel de Champlain

This is a map of our route

This is a Map of our route

Mrs. Waugh
8/18/2010 03:47:33

This is a nice write up Jasmin. Keep up the good work. Remember, two spaces after a period when you are typing.

8/18/2010 15:37:01

nice job jaz

8/19/2010 13:20:32

Wow that is a great picture good job

8/19/2010 15:12:39

Keep On posting this stuff is awesome .

8/22/2010 08:00:28


Mrs. Waugh
8/25/2010 16:33:15

Jasmin, You have very nice entries. However, look at the dates you've entered. They go from 1603, 1605, 1604, back to 1603. This is confusing. Also, please check your spelling and add all of the information from Mrs. Colte's form to your sources.

Your Bff(Guess who sent u this)
8/26/2010 15:48:08

Hi Jasmin Salladay,

Nice job with your explorer..

8/17/2011 11:09:32



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    Samuel De   Champlain

             Samuel de Champlain was born in Brouage,France 1535. His father was Antione Camplain and his mother was Maguerite Le Roy. He sailed for the king of Spain who also funded Samuel. Samuel set sail March 15, 1603 with 24 small booats and 63 men. Samuel found St. Lawrence River, Habitation in Quebec, Montreal, Port Royal, and Cape Cod. He died December 25, 1635 in Quebec. He was the founder of Quebec City in Canda.


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    This is a picture showing us trading with the new people at the St. Lawance River.

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