Question:What is the effect of diffrent soils on the growth of tomato plants - Jasmin S
Jasmin S
I will measure how much each tomato plant grew in the diffrent types of soil they sat in.
Mrs. Waugh
9/21/2010 14:17:31

I LOVE the photo you uploaded!! Now, what goes at the end of a question???? Great job for already getting this blog page set up. You may want to change the "Diary of Samuel de Champlain" since it will actually be a portfolio of your work this year.


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    Peat- a brownish decomposed vegetable matter.
    Peat moss- diffrent kinds of moss that form peat.
    Hyponex peat- the largest moss that forms into peat.
    Perlite- small little crystals used in soils.



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