Jasmin S
1. Take your Pots and set them in a flat surface that has sunlight and confortable tempreatures.
2. Get a piece of tape and wright the names of the soil with a sharpee.
3. Place one of the tapes onto 1 of the pots
4. Do the same with the other two tapes
5. Get the 3 soils, Miracle-Gro, Hyponex and Jiffy
6. Take Miracle-Gro and pour 3 cups into the lable pot "Miracle-Grow"
7 . Do this also with Jiffy and Hyponex
8. Grab your pencil and poke 5 holes in each of your 3 pots
9. Next pick up 5 tomatoes seeds and plant them in each of your 5 holes
10.  Do this with all the 3 pots
11.  Fill 3/4 of your measuring cup with fresh cold water.  Do this every day
12.  Every 7 days make a observation on your plants
13.  Use a ruler to measure your plant

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    Peat- a brownish decomposed vegetable matter.
    Peat moss- diffrent kinds of moss that form peat.
    Hyponex peat- the largest moss that forms into peat.
    Perlite- small little crystals used in soils.



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