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          I went to library and found out all about plants and soil.  Here are soil and plants as my key words.  Here are some things I found in my reseach.
          Have you ever wondered what was in soils?  Well I know what is in it!  Soil can contain things like fertilizer, perlite, peat moss, water and hypnum peat.  Some of these things can help plants grow.  For example water can make the plant grow taller each day and pelite makes the plants to become healthier.
          What do plants need to stay alive?  Plants need soil, sunlight, air comfortable temperatures, and most importantly water.  The plants need soil because it gives the plant food.  They also need sunlight and water to grow.  Air gives the ability for plants to breathe, so that's why you need comfortable temperatures make the plant freeze.  
           How many days does it take for tomato plants to grow?  It take 7-10 days to germinate and 52 days to harvest.  To germinate means to spout, so it will take 7-10 days for the plant to sprout.  To harvest means to be ready to eat, so it will take 52 days to soon be ready to eat.
           Thanks to the library and all of its books I found great information on plants and soil!


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    Peat- a brownish decomposed vegetable matter.
    Peat moss- diffrent kinds of moss that form peat.
    Hyponex peat- the largest moss that forms into peat.
    Perlite- small little crystals used in soils.



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