Jasmin S
     Miracle-Grow grew better than Hyponex and Jiffy.  In the first week Miracle-Grow had all five of the tomatoes plants sprouted.  Hyponex had only four of its tomatoes sprouted.  Sadly only one tomatoe plant grew in Jiffy.  Although Hyponex is not in the lead, it had the highest growth of the week which was 2 inches.  Hyponex also grew 1inch 11mm, 1 in 5mm, 1 in  8mm.   Miracle-Grow had the growth of 1 in 12mm, 1 in 9mm, 1 in 10mm, 1 in 8mm, 1 in 8mm.  Jiffy grew a plant that was 1inch.  Finally Hyponex also 1 inch 11mm 1 inch 5mm, 1 inch 8mm.
     Miracle-Grow still had 5 plants during the 2 weeks although it had one big change it had a plant that grew 5 inch 3mm the tallest of all of them for this week.  Others from that same pot grew 4 in 11mm, 4 in 8mm, 4 in 2mm, 4 inches.  Finally, all of Hyponex's plants grew which was 2 in 3mm, 2 in 4mm, 2 in 12mm, 4 in 3mm 4 in 6mm.  Still Jiffy is not that growing so good.  It grew tomatoes plants that were 6 in 14mm, 6 in 2mm, 7 in 1mm, 6 in 2mm, 6 in 1mm, 4 in 14mm, 4 in15mm, 6 in 1 mm, and 6 in 2mm.  Jiffy came in last place and only 4 of its plants grew one was 1 in 15mm, 1 in 14mm, 1 in 8mm, 1 

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    Peat- a brownish decomposed vegetable matter.
    Peat moss- diffrent kinds of moss that form peat.
    Hyponex peat- the largest moss that forms into peat.
    Perlite- small little crystals used in soils.



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